Israeli artist Kayma is out and about promoting his debut album, New Trying Outs. It was awesome to catch the multi-instruments and singer live in Haifa.


Tel Aviv based artist Kayma (Ori Toledano) has been scoring hit after hit, topping the charts in the last 2 years. Releasing his debut album earlier this year, the multi-instrumentalist and performer has a great blend of pop, rock and folk music that fit incredible with his strong and powerful voice.

This timeless, yet fresh sound works perfectly and makes me excited about the future. Artists like Son Mieux and Kayma bring a new, but very distinctive sound into the pop world. Kayma has been getting worldwide recognition with the songs Bad Blood and Learn to Say No. The latter gained over a million streams on Spotify, and each of those streams is well deserved.

Kayma live


I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really familiar with Kayma until earlier this week when I came across the event. I quickly got hooked after discovering some of his music, but it eventually slipped to the back of my mind. Just a few hours before the show I bought a ticket and boy am I happy I did.

Kayma’s voice sounds absolutely killer and he and his band brought an awesome show. With a packed Syrup in Haifa, the band kicked off their set strong. Honestly, not only Kayma sounded great. His whole band that brought this unique blend of sound with a funky bass and some good guitars.

Technical issues couldn’t stop the show. With an inaudible acoustic guitar and a malfunctioning piano, the band still gave it their all. Bringing an electrifying atmosphere to life. The crowd was really into the songs as well, as there was a lot of dancing around me, which was great to see.

Some stand-out moments and songs were Onesitelover, Learn to Say No, Bad Blood and a killer rendition of Hozier’s Take Me To Church. Wow, that cover was incredible and he should definitely release it.

I had a blast tonight, considering I wasn’t fully in the right mental state starting this show, but it was difficult not to have a great time experiencing some new music (for me) and being blown away by it. Kayma rocked and brought a great performance which made me an instant fan!

kayma syrup haifa

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