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For 2.5 years, I was working as the sole marketer for a Dutch importer of electronics. During this exciting time, I was able to step up my creative skills in a variety of tasks. My day to day existed out of copywriting, graphic design, coming up and executing marketing strategies and doing some sales tasks.


TJM Supplies is a value-added import distributor focussing on innovative consumer technologies. I was part of a young and dynamic company where new developments followed each other quickly.

As we’re working closely with A-brand manufactures from the US, ASIA and EMEA market, I had the opportunity to built close relationship with the different marketing representatives to make sure we would position the brands as good as possible. As a leading supplier in innovative technologies, we had intimate and unique relationships with key buyers across our region.


Within the company, as sole marketer, I was responsible for creating all the assets to make the business grow. As we represented a variety of different brands, it was important to understand each target audience to make sure our materials would be successful.
I was wearing many hats, as I wasn’t only the marketer, I was the copywriter, graphic designer, website builder and social media expert. It was a very exciting job that offered many challenges along the way. Being able to represent all our brands was a task on its own, but when our sales rep was out of running due to an injury, I took over a lot of his job as well. Combining sales with marketing was tricky, but made it all the more exciting as I got a lot more feedback from the different markets on how the different materials were received.

In short, during my time at this company, I was:

  • Sole marketer managing the positioning of our diverse portfolio of brands and products;
  • Creating product imagery, corporate house style, box art, websites, etc. for our own brand;
  • Creating advertisements and advertorials for Benelux region;
  • Maintaining social media, websites and branding.


Most of the materials I created were for the brands we represented. Those brands I highlighted in my portfolio in special case studies. In those, I go in-depth on some of the materials I designed for these projects.

However, I did have the honour to redesign our companies’ website. This was a great project in which we were able to showcase all of our brands in one central spot. As we didn’t use the website as a b2b portal on which customers could order products, we really used it more as a showcase, showing off what we can do for the brands.

To be able to write all the new content for these pages and come up with a fitting design was a thrilling task, I’m happy to say succeeded in.

new website

Another task was to design a portfolio booklet, that could be taken to meetings around the world to highlight what our added value was. I based the design heavily on our new website and the style we were going for.


View all the brands and some of the tasks I worked on during my time at TJM here.

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