Marking four decades of genre defying music and electrifying live performances, the Melvins celebrated this milestone with a big world tour. With 2 shows in Tel Aviv, I was happy to grab a ticket for these sold-out shows. As one of the foremost alternative bands in history, their momentum appears unstoppable.


In 1983 the Melvins were formed in Monesano, United States. The band is one of the key foundations to the formation of grunge and sludge metal, but their sound is so much more. Taking influences from bands like KISS, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

The band is mainly a trio, with guitarist and lead singer Buzz Osborne being a founding member. Buzz recruited drummer Dale Crover, who joined the band in 1984. Nirvana might be the biggest grunge band in the mind of the public, but not only was Melvins a big inspiration. Drummer Dale even played on the first demo’s of Nirvana, on songs like Floyd the Barber and Downer.

Bassist Steven McDonald joined the Melvins back in 2015 and played as one of the various band members on the original Tenacious D album and is the founding member of the rock band OFF!

Apart from the band celebrating their 40th anniversary, their highly acclaimed album Houdini is celebrating its 30th. Kurt Cobain partially produced the album but was fired due to drug use. Houdini remains one of the most influential albums in grunge history to this day.

the melvins


Before tonight, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew just a few of the songs, but heard some good stuff about them and was keen to get the full live experience. Oh my, did I get what I bargained for. I got myself a nice spot in front of bassist Steven McDonald as the Barby venue in Tel Aviv quickly filled up.

From the second the band entered the stage, the atmosphere shifted from calm and chill to intense and on. With A-ha’s Take On Me warming up the crowd, the band kicked off their set straight away. Now this blog isn’t usually one that goes into details of fashion, however I do feel it is interesting to mention tonight. Steven entered the stage in a bright right suit-like outfit, with Dale following suit in a black shirt and jeans. Basically, Dale walked into my closet and picked my two items I wear the most. However, Buzz was rocking a wizard like outfit with heavy boots under it. An interesting combo that made topped off with this great big curly grey hair.

The Melvins are loud, unstoppable and bring an energy that you rarely see. You feel the music just as much you can hear it. And it feels that the crowd is a fourth member of the band. Moshing, jumping and stage diving throughout the whole set. It was truly an incredible experience.

They sounded tight, and like an oiled machine that even after 40 years sounds like new. The passion, the musicality and the live experience makes it a must-see. Some of my personal live highlights were Snake Appeal, I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles Cover), Blood Witch, Honey Bucket and Boris.


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