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Working at Cardo has its perks, like getting chances to travel for research at motorcycle expos. After checking out EICMA, they sent me to the Birmingham Expo to see how our Cardo stand was doing, get a feel for the expo vibe, and check out the market scene. It was a pretty big deal for me, had a great time diving into the motorcycle world.



The Birmingham Expo stands as the UK’s largest motorcycle event. Boasting three halls filled with motorcycles, gear, race classes, and more, featuring prominent brands like BMW, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Ducati, and others. BMW leverages this platform to unveil its latest bike models, allowing attendees to test-drive bikes and engage in interactive shows.

In contrast to EICMA, this expo is smaller, lacking competitor booths; instead, products are available through various dealers, distinguishing it from EICMA’s off-site transactions. Notably, the event draws racing celebrities from WSBK, BSB, IOM TT, and local circuits, creating an opportunity for fans to interact and obtain autographs.


With nearly 90,000 attendees over 10 days, the Birmingham Expo holds significant allure. Our visit on a Monday and Tuesday provided insights, though the 30-pound ticket cost did strike me as relatively high.

Our product range, made by the team and I, was spread out on the Cardo booth and flew off the shelves. Even our Amplify Your Ride poster made its appearance. Great stuff!


I last attended this expo in 2015, and both then and now, I genuinely enjoyed the Birmingham Expo. I find it to be superior to EICMA in terms of ease of navigation. EICMA, due to its excessive crowding, often made it challenging to fully appreciate and engage with the various booths. The contrast is evident in the crowd dynamics as well; here, the atmosphere is more relaxed, with attendees genuinely there for enjoyment and to make purchases.

Honda booth

The cultural distinction between the two countries is particularly noticeable in the early morning. The queues outside the venue are orderly, and the local pub is bustling with motorcycle enthusiasts.

That said, the expo was great fun. All the big motorcycle brands were there, with impressive booths showing their latest and greatest. It is interesting to see how the different brands bring across their messages and how it affects how potential end-users interact with them. I really loved the Triumph booth, which really brought style and information to a new level. Also, it always felt there was something going on, which made me come back. The same can be said for Kawasaki and GoPro. I had a great time wandering all the booths, trying the different motorcycles, and meeting BSB and IOM TT legends.​

Peter Hickman

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