So let’s start with the first blog post written from a very sunny and hot Israel. Yes we made it! Let the quarantine thrills begin!

After the last goodbyes to my parents a week ago I went on the first plane of the day to Frankfurt, Germany. It was bizarre, after months of waiting it was hard to believe it was finally happening. Even though Corona delayed it for the longest of time, the excitement and nerves came all out that day. 

Social distancing

Photos by Emiel Aarten

Once I arrived at Frankfurt I had to make a run from the arriving terminal A to the departing terminal B which is a solid run with a suitcase behind you. The line for security was going slow and fears of missing the plane started to arise. Asking to pass people wouldn’t have worked cause everyone around me spoke Hebrew, meaning they had the same flight.  

The fears were for nothing because I obviously made the flight. The last flight before getting to my new home in Israel. The process of getting into the country revolves around a lot of paperwork, waiting and temperature testing. But once that was all complete and thankfully all my suitcases arrived it was finally time to leave the airport and see my girlfriend again. From a 2 meter distance that is. 

First week

So yes with the first week over it’s safe to say it has been a weird one. We sleep in different rooms and keep our distance, masks and try to follow quarantine rules. It’s strange to see your girlfriend but not touch. 

Quarantine thrills

Currently I’m in quarantine to protect myself against the evils of the world (Corona). I’ve mainly been unpacking, decorating, watching movies and series and thinking about future blog ideas. Stay tuned.

Crazy days
It’s a crazy life
Everybody’s talking crazy
About the end of times
We’ve always been crazy, so
That’s nothing new, well
Maybe something crazy’s what we should do

– From Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

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