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Content Creator
For a little over 2 years, I had the pleasure of working as content creator for the Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup. Writing all content and race reports and creating on-site photography, maintained all social media outings and website.


The Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, launched in 2011, aimed to bridge the gap in the road race motorsport. The cup positioned between pocket bike and moped races and larger championship rounds. It provided a platform for young riders to compete professionally on the big, renowned circuits.

Initiated by Ten Kate Racing Products, KNMV, and CRT, the Cup ensured affordability and personalized coaching from experienced mentors. Central to its ethos was equal opportunity, with all riders receiving identical bikes maintained by Ten Kate Racing Products. Regular bike assignments further levelled the playing field. This equality accelerated the emergence of talented riders, facilitating their transition to higher racing categories. Off-track support, including technical, media, and fitness workshops, complemented on-track development, preparing riders for progression to elite classes like the Red Bull Rookies Cup or Moto3.


My role involved crafting press releases for the cup and keeping the website updated with news, viewpoints, photos, and more. It was a fantastic experience through which I gained valuable insights into the efficiency and publication of press releases.
The website I maintained during my time.
It was such an amazing experience to be part of the team and travel to the races around Europe. Being the sole content creator gave me the opportunity to develop on so many levels. I was able to improve my writing in both Dutch as English and work under pressure to make sure our PR releases were out in time. Growing our newsletter audience, creating Facebook covers, updating the standings and shooting images when I was on-site were just a few of my tasks.
Being part of the Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup gave me the experience to work in the motorsport, journalism and content creating. Whilst being a young kid, I really developed my skills set, and I’m so proud of all our achievements.
Standings I kept updating throughout my time.

In short, during my time at this great motorsports class, I was:

  • writing all the press releases in Dutch and English;
  • responsible for all the social media content;
  • develop the newsletter audience and keep it growing with press and fans alike;
  • update website;
  • design social media covers;
  • on several occasions on-site photography.
Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, where racing begins!!

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