Europe Final Countdown Tour

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Final Countdown album, Europe headed out on a big tour. Together with my dad, we went to their show in Utrecht and I made some fan art to hype us for the show.


The Final Countdown album, released by the Swedish rock band Europe in 1986, is a true masterpiece in its genre. The record is best known for its iconic title track, “The Final Countdown,” a soaring anthem that became a global hit and solidified Europe’s place in rock history.

The album is a perfect blend of catchy melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and soaring vocals, showcasing the band’s musical prowess. Beyond the title track, the album also features memorable songs like “Rock the Night” and “Carrie,” which further contributed to its commercial success. With its infectious energy and timeless appeal, “The Final Countdown” remains a beloved classic among rock enthusiasts to this day.

Together with my dad, I went to see them in Utrecht. The show started by playing the 2015 War of Kings album in its entirety. After that, it was the full The Final Countdown album! The band rocked and we had a great time.


When I made my fan art, I tried to keep the style of the original album there. Showing some old pictures and how they look now together with an orange line that came together on the Netherlands.

Europe Final Countdown Tour

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