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In the end of 2017 and early days of 2018 I had a temporary job as marketer at a second hand office furniture store. My task was to revamp the website, make it SEO proof and create new imagery and product texts for the best-selling articles.


Lamers Handelsonderneming, is a company that deals with the buying and selling of used office furniture. Office furniture has often many years left in them, once an office is done with it. This company was buying those used products, cleaned it, fixed it to make it run smoothly again and sell it for a good price. The budget friendly prices made it a very popular spot for start-ups, big multinationals and people that worked from home.


As it was only a temporary job, I had a lot of work to do in a short period of time. It was a great opportunity for me as I was working and improving a variety of different skills.
I wasn’t only working on improving the website, I was doing redesigns of the website, create banners, improve the social media and shoot product photography. All whilst writing around 80 different product texts. To say it was a challenge, is an understatement, but I did it and had a great time doing it

In short, during my time at this company, I was:

  • Writing all product texts and creating product imagery;
  • Rebranding of the complete website;
  • Keeping track of social media and grow its potential.


One of the first tasks I had was to optimize the website for SEO. I rewrote the homepage, added content on all the category pages and many other pages that needed some work. We quickly realized that the website did need some small design updates as well. This was a bit, though, as the employer wanted to stay with their current website system. However, I was still able to convince the owner to make some changes that made the website work smoother and offer a better end-user experience.
SEO is a long term project, so I didn’t see the difference whilst working here. However, I kept an eye out and saw a year later that my efforts were positive and that the SEO ranking went up.
Apart from improving the SEO, I also did some redesigns on the website. Making it easier to interact with and offering banners that actually got clicks. It was great to monitor and do some A/B testing with the banners.


Another big part of my job was rewriting over 80 different article texts and reshooting all the product images. The amount of texts was a bit overwhelming, but I chipped away and managed to all the products we found important to offer a rewrite.

A few reviews can be found here in Dutch.

The images were a lot of fun to shoot. I created a little studio in the warehouse and collected all the products I needed to shoot. It took a good week to shoot everything and another two weeks to have all the images photoshopped and uploaded to the website. I’m very happy with the end results.

Product images marketer job


A smaller task, as part of my marketer job, was to bring some life into the social media account. I started posting regular, and we could see we started to reach more new people. Bringing in more phone calls about products and information. As a marketer my role was very diverse and at some point I even created an advertisement promoting a Dutch tradition called Carnaval. The owner’s daughter was the princess that year of the local town, and I created a colourful advertisement promoting the festivity and the company.
Advertisement marketer

View my full CV here, or check out more of my portfolio here.

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