VLM Label tags

Before its closure, I had the opportunity to work on the labels for VLM Airlines. It was a simple, but great job to do.


VLM Airlines, based in Antwerp, Belgium, was a regional airline that operated flights across Europe. Founded in 1993, the airlines provided a reliable and efficient air travel option for passengers, especially those travelling to smaller regional airports.

The airline was known for its customer-oriented approach and convenient flight schedules. Over the years, the airline gained recognition for its commitment to safety and service, building a loyal customer base. However, despite its success, the airline faced financial challenges, which ultimately led to its closure in 2018.


I never imagined doing a small job for an international airline company. However, the opportunity arose and as the airline was already in financial trouble, it was a simple job. I had to update and design the labels that would be hanging on suitcases when you visit the check in desk.

VLM Labels

It was a simple, but cool task to work on and to see the labels being used on the airports. After 7 months of the labels being used, VLM Airlines filed for bankruptcy. Shame to see the airline stopping its operations and see the many people losing their job.


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