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In September, we launched a great new product, that helps our end-users to train and communicate with their riding buddies. The PACKTALK EDGEPHONES are headphones where you can snap your EDGE in effortlessly. I had a big part in the successful launch of this great product.


Upgrade your training sessions with the all-new PACKTALK EDGEPHONES: the ultimate companion to your PACKTALK EDGE (sold separately) communicator. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace dynamic, helmet-free communication that delivers crystal-clear instructions and real-time feedback.

Transform training into an exhilarating adventure, making it interactive, efficient, and safe. Elevate your EDGE experience today and break the limits of ordinary training!

Some of the features on the PACKTALK EDGEPHONES include Sound by JBL, being water-resistant, passive noise reduction, and a noise-filtering detachable microphone. All of this comes in a handy carrying case, in which the EDGEPHONES can store safely.


Working on this new product launch was highly exciting as it wasn’t the usual communicator. It was something different. I had a big part in this project, as I was the sole writer for all the motorcycle-related content. All that content was found on the website, datasheet and more. 

The datasheet

For the poster, we really wanted to be creative on the copy and on the imagery. Not the standard image, but something that really pops out. Together with the studio team, I worked hard on creating a visual that sparked, and I think we succeeded. A big part of what I love doing is being really proactive in helping to create the designs, and in the end the quick sketch I made became the base of the design. We came up with a visual that shows the accessory and highlights what it is. Especially as we don’t want to create the confusion that it might be the PACKTALK EDGEPHONES ORV, a slightly different product.

A5 (left) with alternative design and A4 (right) poster design

With the poster design done, we started working on Google and social media banners. I also started working on the newsletter, with the earlier written content and imagery. The launch of this product was a big success, the response was overwhelmingly positive, and we had a great pre-order season.

social media

I’m proud to have such a big part in this product launch that became such a success! We created an incredible visual and the text I wrote was clear, straight to the point and gave out some use cases of this diverse product.

The newsletter
The newsletter

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The installation video, which creation I was leading:

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