Kroeze takes double in Assen
Sander Kroeze took the double victory at his home race today and finished a perfect race weekend, after grabbing the pole earlier this weekend. The American wildcard rider Brandon Paasch takes second in front of Kevin Orgis.
Once again it was Kroeze starting from pole for a 10 lap race around the Cathedral of Speed. Although, not having the best of starts, Kroeze was able to maintain the lead going into lap 2. Kevin Orgis and Victor Steeman were able to follow Kroeze in the early stages of the races, and Orgis tried a few overtaking manoeuvres. It couldn’t stop Kroeze, however, who kept the lead all the way through.
And after two laps it was Kroeze who pulled the trigger, and he was able to win the race with a massive 8-second lead, taking the double in front of his home crowd.
However, for 2nd, there was a big battle going on. 10 riders were using every inch of the track to overtake each other, and it was very exciting to watch. Wildcard rider Brandon Paasch won the fight for second, with Kevin Orgis just behind him. The brother of Kevin, Leon Orgis took fourth in front of Mate Laczko, Carlos Tatay, Victor Steeman, Jeffrey Buis, Ruben Doorakkers and Rick Dunnink.
Paavilainen took the 11th position for Ilster, de Vits, Kawakami, Faber, Franke, Nooren, Selina Liebschner, Ercelik, Sophia Liebschner and Isaac van Dijk. Only Quentin Koers didn’t finish the race because of technical issues.
Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, where the racing begins!!


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