TLV Laughs

Comedy is a fantastic way for people to connect and share laughs together. But it can get tricky if you don’t speak the language. Luckily, there’s TLV Laughs! It’s a comedy night right in the heart of Tel Aviv, where English-speaking comedians will do their best to make you crack up.


Like most countries around the world, comedy is a very popular method to relax and laugh the troubles away. Occasionally big international comedians will make their way to Israel, like Louis C.K., but I thought the local scene was Hebrew only. Turns out I was wrong, and there is a nice and cosy scene of English-speaking comedians that perform every month under the banner of TLV Laughs.

Hosted by Benji Lovitt and Limor Dahan, this place offers tourists, expats and locals a nice evening to enjoy a variety of different comedians on one night. And that all for a price of just 10 dollars, let’s see what the fuss is all about.


My wife and I made a nice little night out of it, going to our favourite restaurant Claro before having a cheeky beer at the comedy bar. What I loved about tonight’s show is that you get a lot of value for your money. We got to see about 7 comedians, who all did their best live stuff.

The diversity of material made it fascinating as well. You get the one-liner jokes, story telling, first timers, and first time in English comedy. It is always difficult to write reviews of comedy shows, so perhaps I will just share a few of the highlights.

I think both hosts did a great set, but I think Limor nailed it. Her interaction with the crowd and both my wife and I was incredible. The energy of her throughout the set was amazing. It was also great to see the excitement on the Israeli faces when local comedian Tamir Bar made his English debut. Overall, each of the comedians deserved their applause as all of them managed to make us laugh. TLV Laughs is a great place and a recommendation if you got a night to spare in Tel Aviv.

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