Guy Mazig Live In Tel Aviv

If you expect an in-depth review of the Guy Mazig concert in Tel Aviv, you got the wrong blog. As I was tagging along with my partner to this concert, I feel I can hardly write something about it. Not because it was bad, just because I was fairly clueless of what was going on since all the songs are in Hebrew. Anyway, let’s give it a shot.


Israeli artist Guy Mazig has been a household name within Israeli music for over 2 decades. Rising to fame with the Israeli disco, pop, funk and rock band HaDorbanim in the early 200os. After their break-up, Guy Mazig kept on releasing music with him as lead guitarist and singer.


Israelis know how to have a good time, singing along and dancing from the second the band entered the stage. The show itself was full of the hits (as I was told), which made the crowd even louder. Got to say, the atmosphere was incredible. At some point, he gave a fan that listened to his Spotify the most a toaster. From all the items in the world, a toaster did feel a bit random and very funny.

Although I felt the night was a bit long as I couldn’t understand any of the songs, and didn’t have a clue if it was still the same or different song, I honestly was having a nice time. I love hearing a great guitar solo, and Guy Mazig was doing just that. Good riffs, solos and compositions.

I do recommend listening to some songs of his, as they are catchy and nice to listen to.

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