Pavalainen race 1

As the early morning warm-up concluded, the promising young talents converged at 11:10 on the start grid for their inaugural race of the day. Right from the start, the field splintered into three distinct groups, each relentlessly pursuing the other around the GP track. With favorable racing conditions, the tightly contested battles and slipstream duels ignited from the very first laps.


At the forefront, Jarno Kausch #41 exhibited unwavering determination to build upon his strong showing from Saturday’s practice and qualifying sessions. However, the other frontrunners swiftly asserted their own ambitions. Setting their sights on podium glory or, ideally, the coveted 25 points at the race’s climax. In typical Moriwaki Cup fashion, the constant shuffling of positions at the front rendered the eventual victor uncertain.

Midway through the race, Kausch found himself relegated, seemingly paving the way for the poised Patrik Pulkkinen #114 to seize control. Yet, Filip Salac #4 and wildcard entrant Peetu Paavalainen #112 fiercely contended for the lead as well. To the astonishment of onlookers, it was the wildcard rider Peetu who surged his bike across the finish line first. In a fashion characteristic of Moriwaki Cup finishes, his victory margin stood at a mere 0.13 seconds. Over the resilient Kausch #41, with Salac #4 trailing closely behind by 0.36 seconds, to complete the podium.

Despite the disappointment of missing the podium by a mere 0.06 seconds, Pulkkinen #114 remains resolute. Vowing to marshal all his abilities in pursuit of a podium finish in the upcoming race 2, slated to commence at 15:30.

Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, where racing begins!!

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