Guest rider Robert Schotman narrowly defeated Patrik Pulkkinen in the 10-lap race. Rory Skinner managed to secure 3rd place in his 2nd race on the Moriwaki machine.

It was dry when the lights went out for a 10-lap thriller. From the start, Pulkkinen set the pace. After 1 lap, he already managed to build a gap to the rest of the field. However, Schotman could keep up and could also overtake Pulkkinen in several sections of the circuit, but Pulkkinen fought back each time. In the final lap, it was Schotman who crossed the finish line first with a minimal lead of 0.005 seconds over Pulkkinen.

Rory Skinner took a 3rd position, which he secured after overtaking the German Philipp Freitag in the 4th lap. Freitag retained the 4th place and finished ahead of 5th-placed Filip Salac. Behind Salac, various battles took place on the track for the 6th position. Leon Czichos won this battle by just two tenths of a second ahead of Vasco van der Valk, Jarno Kausch, Marcel Brenner, and 10th-placed Adolfo Delgado. Dan Jones finished 11th ahead of Kevin Orgis, wildcard rider Brandon Paasch, Sander Kroeze, and Sebastien Fraga, who secured the 15th place.

Unfortunately, the race ended prematurely for Ricardo Picciuto, Marcelis Bezulski, and Quentin Koers. All three riders crashed, but fortunately, they suffered no injuries.

The next race will take place next week at the AutoMotoDromo in Brno.

Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, where racing begins!!


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