Son Mieux

Son Mieux has been gaining momentum over the past year with their electrifying live performances and infectious disco-pop melodies. We had the chance to catch them during their trial show in Zwolle before their major Afas Live performance.

During our time in the Netherlands, we couldn’t escape a song called “Tonight.” It seemed to be playing on the radio every hour. Surprisingly, instead of becoming tiresome, its catchy tune had us hooked. Upon investigating, we found out it was by a Dutch band called Son Mieux. Coincidentally, they were scheduled to perform in Zwolle just days after our discovery. Needless to say, we didn’t hesitate to attend their show.


Son Mieux is the seven-piece band formed around singer/songwriter Camiel Meiresonne. Following the success of their first EP, Vice Versa, they released their debut album in February 2019, titled “Faire de Son Mieux” (French for: ‘Bringing out the best in yourself’). This album contains ten complete pop songs brimming with irresistible hooks and choruses. Expect personal stories in the finest folk tradition, each with an electronic undertone. This combination results in refined, always danceable music with a deep emotional impact. In 2022, they released their second album called “The Mustard Seed”, which delivered many hits and awards. Son Mieux consists of Camiel Meiresonne, Maud Akkermans, Michiel Mutsaerts, Olivier Lucas, Justin Schellekens, Timo Prins & Niels de Maa.


From the moment the band steps onto the stage, it’s impossible to remain still. Their incredible energy electrifies the atmosphere, and the opening song, This Is The Moment, sets the tone perfectly. Over the past year, the band has truly found their stride, gracing the stages of major festivals and delivering multiple hits. What’s impressive is the unique energy each member brings, creating a vibrant atmosphere throughout the performance. With their seven-member line-up, each highly talented and proficient in multiple instruments, their collective talent shines brightly.

The Hague residents are masters of creating an onstage buzz in Zwolle. The sound is precisely enough acoustic, precisely enough electronic. There are hints of disco, pop and soul which brings a swinging blend. The frontman spreads optimism with unbridled energy. The Son Mieux show is a service where all worries are expertly played away.

I’ll avoid repetition and highlight some personal favorite songs from the show. 1992 sounded fantastic, but it was Multicolor that ignited the crowd to new heights of excitement. Tonight was the song that initially drew us here and sounded absolutely beautiful. It’s remarkable how a band that exudes so much energy can deliver such an intimate song with such perfection. There was nothing overdone, just a classy performance. The show concluded with Dancing at the Doors of Heaven, which may just become one of my new favorite songs by the band.

However, there are moments when the band seems to lose themselves in their own sound, resulting in tunes that bear a striking resemblance to their massive hit Multicolor. Despite this, the show was nothing short of spectacular, leaving me thoroughly impressed and understanding why they consistently sell out Afas Live. The fusion of pop and disco sounds incredible, particularly considering that every instrument is played live while maintaining a high-energy dance atmosphere.

Their performance left us buzzing with excitement, and I’m certain this won’t be the last time we catch them live.

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