It’s been a while since the last blog post, so let’s dust the keyboard off and let’s do a short blog about a day-trip we did to the North of Israel.


Where the south of Israel is more of a desert landscape, the north is the complete opposite. A green oasis filled with different types of trees, animals and mountains. On several occasions we visited the north on multiple occasions for different day trips including Hula Park, Caesarea and Zippori.


Before travelling to something new, we went to a place we saw before: Rosh Hanikra. This amazing piece of Israel is found in the top of Israel, right next to the border with Lebanon. It is the only place in Israel where the sea meets the mountains and grotto’s that are hidden in the rocks. Rosh Hanikra is surrounded by trees and greenery, making it the perfect place to start the day with breakfast.

Breakfast with a view

We picked up some amazing pastries on the way and sat down in the shade overlooking Rosh Hanikra and the sea. A perfect start of the day!

From there we took the cable car to the bottom of Rosh Hanikra and explored the cave system that can be found carved in the rocks. I would personally highly recommend visiting this place and the surrounding areas of this part of Israel! It is absolutely beautiful and worth the trip!


From there we travelled a bit more land inwards to Keshet Cave. Here you can find an ancient arch with amazing views. The road towards it is steep and full of U-turns. Honestly, it didn’t feel like we were driving in Israel on those roads.

Once the car was parked, it was just a short walk to the Keshet Cave, who has multiple names, including Rainbow Cave. The views from Keshet Cave are absolutely amazing and the drop from the arch is around 40–50 meters. Not only is it a popular attraction for people that love nature. It is also an attraction for thrill seekers that love to rappelling from the arch.


  1. Wat een leuke blog over the North, en die foto’s , super mooi!
    Ik hoop dat we in Oktober het samen met jullie gaan zien.

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