Ghost Chapel of Rituals

I love Ghost! Perhaps it is a weird way to start off this post, but I did grab your attention, didn’t I? The band Ghost might be one of the most exciting bands dominating the rock scene in the last few years. I decided to celebrate my love for this band, by creating some fan art called a Chapel of Rituals.


The artwork is a captivating and mysterious illustration set against a dark, atmospheric background. It sets place in a dark forest, but with a surreal and macabre twist.

The artwork’s color palette exudes a captivating ambiance, predominantly featuring deep shades of black and blue, complemented by subtle hints of gold accents. This combination creates a mesmerizing and mysterious atmosphere, drawing the viewer into the world of the artwork.

At the forefront of the image stands Papa Emeritus IV, the enigmatic frontman of the band Ghost. He is depicted in his iconic black papal vestments and elaborate headdress. His face is concealed by a ghastly white mask. Featuring hauntingly hollow eyes that seem to stare directly into the viewer’s soul.

I had so much fun creating this piece, and I’m very proud of the end result.

Ghost Chapel of Rituals


Ghost, a Swedish rock band, enraptures global audiences with their captivating blend of theatricality and metal music. In 2006, Ghost formed and quickly gained renown for their distinct and mysterious identity, with each member concealing their true persona behind the enigmatic guise of “Nameless Ghouls.” Their unique blend of theatricality and metal music has captivated audiences worldwide.

At the heart of Ghost stands the enigmatic figure known as Papa Emeritus. Wearing dark papal vestments and an eerie skull-like mask, Papa Emeritus leads the band with a haunting presence and mesmerizing vocals. Over the years, the band has seen the succession of different incarnations of Papa Emeritus, each denoted by a Roman numeral.

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