In a small bar in the heart of Tel Aviv the band Vessel performed their EP release show. In front of an enthusiastic crowd the band played some true rock n roll! After a year and half proper concerts are finally back!

When you think of rock and in which countries it lives you think of America, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. Israel is not making that list. However is that right? Should Israel make that list?

Not really. Although there is a small niche for rock, the metal community seems to have the upper hand. When you look you will find enough smaller concerts (every once a while a big band will come) or events for rock music, however when you compare it to Europe the level is not coming close.


That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any awesome rock bands in Israel. One of those and one I listen a lot to is Vessel. Formed in 2018 as a band to cover the greatest rock and metal artists, became soon a band that focused on playing their own material. Recently Vessel released their first EP called Behind the Walls.

Live in Tel Aviv

On a Saturday night in the heart of Tel Aviv the release party was happening. The crowd was ready and so was the band who kicked off with their powerful set. The roaring vocals of lead singer Bruno Passy are a reminder of the days when bands like Iron Maiden and Dio ruled the world. The roughness of the vocals in combination with the catchy guitar riffs and quality solos of Ariel Maman form a powerful combination.

On drums was Mor Harpazi that kept the beat flawless going throughout the night together with bassist Mark Preis. The show was filled with energy and old school rock with a modern twist.

Advertisement Vessel

The set list contained songs from their newly released EP including Behind the Walls, First Rain and Shape Of The Devil. Great songs that the lovers of 70s/80s metal and rock would love for sure!

A band worth watching out for

When you visit small bands’ concerts, it isn’t often you see so many people wear their shirts. This was the case for Vessel and it shows that they already have a good following within the country. I highly recommend looking up Vessel on Spotify or YouTube as they are a band worth listening too.

For the first real show I saw in Israel since moving here it was without a doubt an amazing experience. As mentioned earlier Israel is small, so hopefully Vessel can show their skills in Europe/world in the future!