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No one understands religion better than the Mormons, that is according to the Mormons themselves. Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park creators) produced a comedy that makes fun of organized religion in a clever way. The Book Of Mormon is a clever-written piece of musical filled with great jokes, stabs at religion and good songs.


The Prince of Wales Theatre in the London West End turned into a Mormon gathering place. Eager crowds have made their way to this musical since it debuted back in 2013. The two and half hour musical is withy, enjoyable and contains good music and punchlines.

Written and created the highly talented Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the satirical approach to the beliefs and practises of the Mormon church will make you laugh throughout the show. The Book Of Mormon has won Tony’s, Grammy’s and Laurence Oliver Awards since the start and has been a worldwide success.

Story line

While watching this musical, you will follow two Latter-day Saints missionaries who attempt to preach the Mormon faith to the folks of a small, remote Ugandan village. The missionaries are keen, but have to overcome a lack of interest in from the locals. Those within the village are busy with other important matters such as HIV/Aids, famine and the oppression by the local warlord.


A show with two sides

The first half of the show had its good and funny moments. Starting off with the very funny Hello! song. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feeling a bit of seeing a long musical that relies on the funny one of moments instead of a great first half.

I’ve seen reviews where people call the show racist and disgusting. It might have slipped the mind of those people by whom this musical is written: Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Better known as the creators of South Park. A show, which doesn’t shy away from offending every group and ethnicity in the world. That said, perhaps some jokes felt outdated, repetitive and quite honestly a bit doll. The actors were amazing and can’t be to blame, but perhaps the script can do with a bit of a rewrite.

The turn around

Where perhaps the first part seemed to be a bit of a drag, the second half delivered. Good jokes that were on the balance of right and wrong. In that sense, the second half of The Book Of Mormon is cleverly written. It is easy to understand why this musical has been such a success, being able to poke fun at such a variety of topics while keeping it within the boundaries is a class act. A beautiful decor combined with great actors and a good (excellent second half) script.

The actors in the play were great, and it was fun to watch. Tom Xander as Elder Cunningham truly delivered and might have carried the show on his shoulders as the leader and frontman. Dom Simpson as the lead character, Elder Price, was great too.

For me to give it a good review, I will have to start with the negatives. The first part felt like a drag. Luckily, the second half hit the ball out of the park and brought a new dimension to the show. Great cast, amazing decor, fun songs and a fun night out.

Book of Mormon
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