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Swedish outfit Crazy Lixx made their long awaited return to the United Kingdom for a sweaty, hard – rocking show. As you can expect from a riff happy rock group, they crushed the show. The band promoted their latest (well received) Street Lethal album while playing all the hits!

Crazy Lixx made their long awaited return to the UK and this was noticeable. The tone was set before the doors were even open. The line to get into the O2 in Islington was already long and filled with a crowd that was ready to rock.

In front of about 600 people, Crazy Lixx would hit the stage, but before that we had the support of Chez Kane.


For those who are into Crazy Lixx, the name Chez Kane won’t sound too unfamiliar. Singer, Danny Rexon, wrote and played on all the songs of Chez Kane’s debut album. A true 80s rock album in my opinion!

As Chez Kane made her way to the stage on the intro tape of Def Leppard’s classic “Women” the show kicked off with All Of It. This female rock chick knows how to work a crowd and had quite a few fists pumping in the air from the start.

The set felt like a proper show, as it was 45 minutes long and filled with songs that could have been pulled straight out of the 80s. Ball N’ Chain, Midnight Rendezvous, Die In The Name Of Love and the absolute highlight, Too Late For Love. It is by far my favourite song from the whole album and by the crowds’ reaction during the show, they all agreed.

The set included a cover in the shape of Mr Big’s Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy. The song was very well received by the crowd and the band sounded super tight during the performance.

Chez Kane

Pitch perfect

Chez Kane was absolutely fabulous, and I was very happy to catch this performance. Her vocals are on point and sound great. After a 45-minute set that included her whole debut album and a cover, the crowd was all warmed up for the main act: Crazy Lixx.

However, if you can, check out Chez Kane live (or via the internet/album), because you will be in for a treat!

Chez Kane Website | Too Late For Love | The Latest Single Powerzone


The venue was absolutely packed, the hands in the air as Crazy Lixx made their way onto the stage to start the fist pumping anthem Rise Above. Coming from the latest album, the band had the crowd in the palm of their hand singing every line.

The melodic sound of the band is what made them so popular. Riff based rock n roll with catchy and easy to remember lyrics. Hell Raising Women and Wild Child kept the powerful pace going. With Children of the Cross, the band slowed down a bit with this great power ballad. It is a great song that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.


The signature sound was incredibly made by guitar duo Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren. The great mixture of melodic, glam, sleaze and rock brought the best to the table to this feel good Crazy Lixx show.

There was no time to waste as the band soared through their 14 numbers strong set list. Wicked, the fan favourite Blame It on Love, Girls of the 80s and Rock and a Hard Place kept the fist pumping going. It felt packed at the front of the stage, but in a good way (to me). It was a hot and sweaty show.


Lock Up Your Daughter and Walk the Wire kept the nostalgia going. Joél Cirera is a powerhouse on drums who kept the beat going throughout. Technical issues couldn’t stop him from keeping the right beat. Jens Sjöholm on bass gave a heavy and hot show as well as he went from jacket to shirt to shirtless.

I would almost call the next two songs, the movie section. With Silent Thunder, Crazy Lixx has a true Tom Cruise movie song in their hands. Meanwhile, at XIII, vocalist Danny Rexon puts on his Jason Voorhees and brings out his special knife microphone stand. It’s a killer song live, and the crowd loved it.


Founding members Danny Rexon on vocals and Joél Cirera on drums really form the backbone of the band. Together with Jens Sjöholm on bass, Jens Lundgren and Chrisse Olsson on guitars, you got one hell of band that shows unity and enjoyment in the music. They really rocked London tonight as they made their way back up stage for another single of the Street Lethal: Anthem for America.

Rocking an American style flag with the Crazy Lixx logo, the band ended the night with 21 Til I Die.


After one heck of a sweaty show, you could only see the excitement on the faces of the crowd. Crazy Lixx made their return to the UK with a show that absolutely rocked. Combine a set list that contains all the hits and not a single filler, with highly talented musicians, you end up with an amazing night!

The night was entertaining and extremely fun. It felt like forever since I’ve seen a show like this. The energy (on- and offstage) was incredible. The stage presence of both artists was great, and the night felt like a true eighties rock night out.

Crazy Lixx

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