We are back! Yes! After months of radio silence I decided to give a little heads up what is going on in sunny Israel.

Why the silence?

So yes it has been a while since the last blogpost. Since December 2020 there has been a bit of a radio silence and it wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to write.

In December a lot of important things happened. We had our interview with the Israeli Ministry to obtain a work permit. Luck was on our side as we didn’t have to wait the usual 6 months before getting the visa, but only 3. Without a work permit I wouldn’t be able to start working in Israel. No job means no income, so to have the interview so early on was a real blessing.

The interview itself takes a couple of hours and everything you can imagine will be asked. It’s like an interrogation which can be kind of nerve wracking. However in our case it ended very positively. After a week we got the call that we can pick up our work permit. After the interview I started applying for jobs and as lightning struck I was able to find my job in the same week. Since then I’ve been working as SEO Manager, an exciting and fast paced online world.

The C-word

Let’s also do a quick summary on how Israel is doing currently when it comes to the Coronavirus. In short: it goes amazing! Since the last blog post Israel has vaccinated over 53% of the complete population of the country. Aviya and I received the shots a couple of months ago. Yes even foreigners that live here get the shot! 

Because so many people are vaccinated it also means a lot of the restrictions are being lifted. Bars and restaurants are open to sit, malls and shops are business as usual and since last week we don’t need to wear a mask outdoors. It really feels like “old” times again. With the bars open we obviously took the opportunity to go out and have a fun night out. 

Not only breaking the silence

Apart from breaking the silence on the blog I also broke my foot on April Fools. Great timing as not everyone realized I was for real. Anyway every doctor and hospital has been very helpful to get me back on my feet again and slowly we are able to walk around a bit. 

The good life

Aviya and I spend our weekends mainly going to the park or to the beach (that was until a break kinda stopped that). Living so close to the beach and a big park really has its pros. 

Hebrew word of the post

The phrase of this blog is back to life or in Hebrew: חזרה לחיים.