What was supposed to be a fun night out seeing Vessel, Roadkillers and Black Rain ended in a bit of disappointment. Nothing we can blame really on the bands, but more on Art Hall TLV.

After a long period of no concerts, it was supposed to be a good night out at the Art Hall TLV. Honestly, the last time I saw a band it were 3 amazing bands with Shiraz Lane topping my last concert before corona hits. Tonight we should have had 3 bands with Vessel being the main act.


However, the night ended slightly different. After arriving at this really nice rooftop concert hall and grabbing my self an ice-cold beer, I sat down for some good old rock. First up was Black Rain. Not going to lie, they played really nice, and it was nice to hear, it just wasn’t that interesting.

Perhaps it was the size of the stage, the lack of crowd or atmosphere, but neither Black Rain nor Roadkillers left an impression. I came mainly for Vessel so to me seeing a support acts that weren’t mind-blowing was fine. I still had a nice time, don’t get me wrong.

Just before Vessel hit the stage, the police turned up and ended the night. Turns out, Art Hall TLV didn’t have the right permissions to keep on going. Where the venue lacked, Vessel were a class act, as they returned my money and put me on the guest list for their next show. Absolute legends, and I honestly can’t wait to see Vessel live later this year. Keep an eye out on the blog for the review.

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