Athens and Greece have their fair share of rocking the world and conquering it. Tonight, however, Athens was rocked and conquered by the Swedish masters of melodic rock called H.E.A.T


Let’s start with a little criticism. People that know H.E.A.T and go to a concert are always in for a night full of power. D3lta isn’t a band like that. In fact, the singer-songwriter that is half Greek and half British came with his band on stage for an acoustic show. It just felt weird as a support band.

However, that doesn’t mean that D3lta wasn’t good. The singer-songwriter has a great voice and the songs are very well written. Most of the set list was obvious songs from his own catalogue, including Silent Revolution. Some covers found their way in the set from bands like Muse. D3lta is a great singer-songwriter, but maybe not for a H.E.A.T crowd. 


The second support act of the night fitted the night perfectly, and they are called DangerAngel. The band comes from Greek, but have a Brazilian singer, and they rocked! DangerAngel has a sound that reminded me of Sixx: A.M. in a very good way. For example, the singer’s stage presence was amazing, and the same counts for the vocals.

The combination of hard rock with loud guitars and even a keytar worked very well, and it just was a great warm up. Personal favourites from the set list included Dia de los Muertos, To Kill a Saint and Don’t Die Young. If you are a fan of hard rock, I highly recommend checking this band out.


As The Heat Is On by Glenn Frey echoed through @Gagarin 205 in it was time for H.E.A.T! The band from Sweden is an energetic, ambitious, authentic hard rock group which has a large following around Europe (and around the globe). The band kicked off the night well with Bastard of Society. Coming from the latest album Into The Great Unknown, this is a great way to open the show.

Breaking the Silence followed, and the silence was broken the second the band had entered the stage. The crowd was loud all night while jumping and rocking out. H.E.A.T shows are always a party, and the crowd it attracts is just hyped and ready to party. 

It’s All About Tonight

A throwback to the band’s earlier records happened with Danger Road. Frontman Erik Grönwall is armed with a big smile on his face and a ton of energy while running around the stage and jumping into the crowd. A true entertainer and the fans love it as they sing every lyric out loud.

The band kept the momentum going with Emergency, Shit City, Downtown, In and Out of Trouble, and It’s All About Tonight. With Jimmy Jay on bass, Jona Tee on keyboard and Don Crash on drums, the band has a great musical foundation that really works. Add Dave Dalone on guitars next to the amazing pipes of Erik and you got yourself one of the best bands coming out of the Nordic right now.

Tearing down the venue

The powertrain of H.E.A.T was unstoppable! Living On The Run saw Erik jump in the crowd again and with Beg Beg Beg he went as a true superman crowd-surfing to the bar. In other words, Erik and the band make themselves very popular with these great crowd interactions. Beg Beg Beg featured snippets of Whole Lotta Rosie and Piece of My Heart and really got the crowd pumped and jumping. 

With Laughing at Tomorrow, we found ourselves in calmer water (or sweat at this point) with Erik being alone on stage with an acoustic guitar. Redefined and There for You kept this going until the hit Mannequin Show brought the power back. The main set ended with Tearing Down the Walls, and it really felt like H.E.A.T had torn down the venue.


While the intro of Point of No Return was bringing the noise back into the venue, the band made it return to the stage. Kicking the song off before, Erik ran onto the stage and demanded everyone to jump. Once again, the crowd sing-a-long with all the lyrics. A Shot At Redemption closed the night in style.


H.E.A.T put Athens on fire during the show. They rocked from start to finish and really had the crowd in the palm of their hand. After the show, you just want more! The band has a huge amount of talent and their stage presence is on point. H.E.A.T is a must-see for the hard rock and melodic fans, and it was a show to remember. In conclusion, just see them live, and you will not regret it. 

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Set list H.E.A.T

  1. Bastard of Society
  2. Breaking the Silence
  3. Danger Road
  4. Emergency
  5. Shit City
  6. Downtown
  7. In and Out of Trouble
  8. It’s All About Tonight
  9. Living on the Run
  10. Beg Beg Beg
  11. Laughing at Tomorrow
  12. Redefined
  13. There for You
  14. Mannequin Show
  15. Tearing Down the Walls
  16. Point of No Return
  17. A Shot At Redemption

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