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After 4 years MIKA returned to the Netherlands for a sold out show in the AFAS Live. Four years to long I would say as I was blown away when I saw him in 2020. The expectations were high to say the least. Once again the singer songwriter delivered and went above and beyond for an amazing performance. 


From the get go this was a completely different experience than the last time I saw him. A big curtain covered the stage as the lights went dark. What it revealed was the band and a cage that once again was covered in a curtain. The dramatic scene looked great as the cage was revealed and MIKA was standing in a bright red suit with black bow tie and red wings. As a bird locked in his cage he kicked of the first song of the night Bougez.

Mika live in Afas

Coming from his latest, full French, album it was a great opening. With the cage removed Mika went straight into his energetic performance. A big screen behind him and the band displayed beautiful created visuals throughout.

Orgin of Love brought the first hit to live followed up with Talk About You. Such a nice song that got the crowd moving and dancing. A great interaction between MIKA and bassist Max happend during Big Girl (You Are Beautiful). On stage they have a great chemistry and as both went into the crowd and kept on playing the crowed exploded of enthusiasm. Also a big thumbs up for the great story telling that MIKA does in between some of the songs, it really adds to the experience.

Although Max was lost for a brief moment in the crowd he did make his way back to the stage to join the band for Feels Like Fire. This song was released last year as part of the Princess of the Desert movie. It featured Nomfundo Moh singing her parts on the big video wall.

Underwater brought once again great crowd interaction with singing a long loud before arguably the biggest hit of the night was performed. Relax (Take It Easy) was easier to understand from the crowd than from the singer. It was a great goosebumps moment and it seemed MIKA enjoyed this too. From this the AFAS Live music hall was transformed to a night club with Yo Yo, Good Guys and the highly danceable Elle Me Dit.



Where the Revelation Tour in the Netherlands felt more of a small intimate residency of which the focus was more on the music than on the overall show. The Apocalypse Calypso Tour had a much bigger production and it looked awesome! The amount of fireworks, big screen visuals and stage props where such a great addition and made it look like a big spectacle.

This was also highly noticeable during Lollipop. Last time I saw it was MIKA standing next to a piano telling an elaborate story. However, tonight he went straight into it with a lot of running and dancing. Popular Song kept this energy going before MIKA made his way to an elaborate piano to play Billy Brown. I honestly loved the performance of this song and it was followed by Grace Kelly. Once again a big crowd pleaser that featured a big blow up rainbow which, although not blowing up fully at first, got the crowd going big time.

This being the first show in a non French speaking country meant tonight’s set list was completely different than the weeks before. I think it would be fair to say the Apocalypse Calypso was split in 2 with a French set list and a rest of Europe set list. And to be honest no complaints from me as this European set was an absolute banner.

Billy brown

Rain made it’s tour debut and saw MIKA go down on a big sign that had a nice amount of fireworks going off. Happy Ending and Love Today closed the main set.

But thankfully the band came for an encore that featured the incredible Any Other World which once again gave some goosebumps and one of my favorite songs We Are Golden.


MIKA brought a live spectacle to Amsterdam in which everyone can be themselves. No matter who you are, the performer will make you swing, dance and enjoy every minute. Even giving darkness to the shy people to jump up and down in (thanks MIKA, I definitely took advantage of it). He plays the crowd and make them do whatever he pleases.

He knows the crowd is there for him, but makes sure that the crowd knows how much he appreciates it. One woman made a lot of paper hearts that found its way in the crowd. He took the time to acknowledge it and highlight how much time it would have taken her to make it.

Tonight’s show had a great setlist filled with all the classics including some newer material. There was something for everyone whether you are a casual listener or die hard fan. Some personal highlights were Underwater, Billy Brown, Any Other World and ofcourse We Are Golden.

I can’t recommend seeing MIKA enough. As MIKA called it on Instagram “this show is like stepping into a psychedelic version of Disney’s Fantasia” and I have to agree. The production value was beautiful and there was always something amazing to see and experience.

The band was awesome and played flawless. Albans Claudin took care of piano duties with Clement de Witt on rocking out on guitar. Wouter Van Tornhout kept the beat going whilst enjoying some Dutch banter with MIKA during the show. Ofcourse it wouldn’t be a MIKA show without bassist, backing vocalist and dancer Max Taylor. A great band that sounded super tight together.

However, is the man himself that makes going worth it. His energy, performance and voice are on point. I walked away being an even bigger fan than I already was.

Max and Mika


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