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Spirit of the North Switch review

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Till Lindemann kicks off the year in Israel

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Disney Fantasia performed live by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

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The most exciting F1 season: Hamilton vs Verstappen

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Joel Hoekstra: from Whitesnake to Cher, a sit down with one of the busiest guitarists in the business

Whitesnake blows the roof off with Flesh & Blood tour!

Whitesnake is back! Recently they released new material with the Flesh & Blood album, and now they are back on tour! I saw the English hard rock band on…
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Travel guide: spend your time in Tel Aviv

Some people call it the city that never stops. Although that is not true (later more), Tel Aviv is a great open-minded city that brings different cultures together in…
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Tel Aviv Israel

The 10 greatest Ghost songs (in my opinion)

Ghost (previously known as Ghost BC) is hitting the road in 2022 with an extensive US and European tour. With the hype of the fans, I got excited about…
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Ghost Tour 2022

Spirit of the North Switch review

Spirit of the North is a third person adventure game that follows a fox in an Icelandic landscape. Spirit of the North Switch offers a very atmospheric adventure playing…
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Spirit of the North Switch

As Lightning Strikes

Welcome to my personal blog As Lightning Strikes! For the last few years, I used this website for multiple reasons, but the main one is simply writing about the things I love.

My name is Emiel, and I’m the writer of all the blogs on this site. I’m a graduated graphic designer and marketer with a passion for writing. As Lightning Strikes started out as my portfolio site to promote my work as a graphic designer. Over time the website became more of a blog on which I wrote about music, concerts and travelling.

Over the years, the blog became my passion and a space to express myself.


Music is important to me. Not a day goes by that I don’t have some music on. From rock, metal, sleaze, classic, pop and everything in between I have listened to it. Not only the music itself makes me excited, but also seeing the artists live.

Over the last few years I went to dozens of concerts around Europe. Not all of them have been reviewed on the blog, but I hope in the near future they will be. It doesn’t matter if the artist is big or small, if I enjoy the artist I will go see the show!


In 2020, I moved to Israel. Many people around the world make the decision to move countries. Either for love, religion, or new adventure sake. I would say the biggest group of people that move to Israel do it for its religious connection to Judaism and the Jewish people. 

For me, it was a bit different. I moved for love. Not love for country but for one specific person: Aviya. After a process that involved a lot of paperwork I was able to make the move and have been living here in Israel, ever since.

To keep in touch with family and write about moving, I decided to dust off As Lightning Strikes once again. I’ve been writing about the move, why (if that wasn’t clear) and how life has been here. Over time, it developed more into a blog about things to do in Israel.


Next to Israel filled blogs, you will also find stories about journeys I made around the world. Think about trips to the UK, Aruba, South Africa and much more!

If you like travel related stories, As Lightning Strikes is the place for you!


When I was a little kid, I made my own website about the World Superbikes. It was around 2010 when I built my first website called Every free moment I had, I would write stories in Dutch about this motorsport class. 

It was incredibly fun and after a few years I would see visitors come on a daily basis reading my articles. However, I wanted more, and so I started to ask for interviews with important people within the sport. I started interviewing with Dutch team managers, commentators and photographers.

Over time, I got more confident with speaking English. So I went on to interview some of the world’s best motorcycle racers. Riders like James Toseland, Carlos Checa and Jonathan Rea, who are all World Champions and highly talented.

The website doesn’t exist any more, but the interviews found their way on this blog! Next to that, I decided to start interviewing again, this time musicians. Joel Hoekstra was the first one I interviewed, and I hope many will follow in the future. 

Enjoy the content

That’s the story in short. Over time, As Lightning Strikes has been growing big time. It became my personal outlet on which I can share my stories, adventures and travels. 

I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment on your favourite blogs!