Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup Pic of the month

Digging through my photo archives this month led me to a gem from 2014 – a shot of Leon Czichos tearing it up on the TT Circuit in Assen, sparks flying in all their glory. Capturing that moment was a stroke of luck, a one-in-a-million shot that still gets me excited.

Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup

In the not-so-distant past, I had the thrill of working behind the scenes at the Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup. As a young motorsport enthusiast with a passion for writing, I found myself writing newsletters and press releases – a dream gig that combined my love for racing and storytelling. The Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup was more than just a series; it was a launchpad for budding racers, focusing on talent and passion over financial clout. Being a part of it was not just an opportunity, but an absolute blast.

The Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup isn’t your average racing series. It’s a cool platform where young riders strut their stuff, gaining crucial track experience. Forget deep pockets; it’s all about giving everyone a fair shot. Serving as a starting point for new racers, it creates a lively and supportive atmosphere. In a nutshell, it’s the real deal for discovering and nurturing the next wave of motorcycle racing talents.


While I tried my best to attend as many race weekends as possible, the local races were my sweet spot. The Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup, as the support class of the British Superbikes, was always a highlight. One standout moment was capturing Leon Czichos in action, sparks flying as he navigated corner 9, also known as “De Bult.” The race-day excitement was unforgettable, and the photo became an instant favorite.

As a fun side note, the British Superbikes organizers weren’t too keen on sparking knee sliders. The next day, Leon Czichos swapped them out for non-sparking ones. Whether the suit still had tape on it is a detail lost in the adrenaline-fuelled memories of that fantastic weekend.

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