The New Roses

The Netherlands welcomed back The New Roses on their Sweet Poison tour, delivering an unforgettable night of hard-hitting rock. With the electrifying support of Moon Shot, it became a concert experience I couldn’t afford to miss.

I have seen some killer concerts in the Metropool venue in Enschede. From Tony Hadley to Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown to Glenn Hughes. I really enjoy listening to The New Roses, and having seen them live in the past, I knew I was in for a good show. However, I wasn’t a familiar with Moon Shot, and it was them that blew me away.


I’m not gonna lie, when Moon Shot came on, I wasn’t really sure what to think. The band kicked off straight away with a wicked instrumental section. But then the frontman, Ville Malja, made its appearance standing behind the drum kit with a big hoody, bringing this mysterious feel to the show. That specifically didn’t really strike me as exciting, but boy did that change quick. By the time we made it to the chorus of the song Second Chance, Ville was out and about, jumping full of energy that just made you join him.

The Finnish rock band, bring a great mixture of hard rocking riffs, clever lyrics and uncharted energy. I had a blast seeing these guys. Some of my favorite songs of the set were Malboro Man, Agony Walk and their latest single Yes!.

Moon Shot, a supergroup comprising members from Disco Ensemble, Children of Bodom, and Lapko, delivered an electrifying performance, showcasing their musical prowess and captivating stage presence. I don’t want to keep repeating myself, but the energy the band gave throughout their set was insane. I loved every second, and unfortunately they already left after The New Roses set, as I wanted to purchase a CD from them. Check them out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Moon Shot


After Moon Shot it was time for the headliner The New Roses. Now, some bands might be intimated by the show the support gave, but not The New Roses. The German band has been knocking out some killer records which gave us a blend of classic rock, country, blues and hard rock. It wouldn’t come as a surprise, they have been opening up for global powerhouses like The Scorpions and KISS.

But tonight they are the main act, and it suits them perfectly. Promoting their latest album, Sweet Poison, the band brought a great mixture of some of their hits and newer material. I highly enjoy listening to The New Roses, but whenever I see them live, it feels that is what they are born to do. A powerhouse, that brings a lot of energy with catchy, sing-along songs like set opener The Usual Suspects.

Throughout the show, you are treated to some killer shredding and solos on guitars, which I honestly love. Down By The River and a great cover of Rockin’ in the Free World were some of the highlights. Also, I highly enjoyed the acoustic section. Lead singer Timmy Rough grabbed an acoustic guitar and played some bangers, with the crowd joining in on One More For The Road.

Thirsty ended the show, and boy did this show leave me thirsty. Mainly for some actual water after singing along for the whole set. It was great meeting the band afterwards and scoring some guitar picks from guitarist Norman Bites and bassist Stefan Kassner

The New Roses Live

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