Amplify Your Ride

Sound evokes emotion, which is a crucial part of our existence. Songs can bring you in certain moods, or certain noises can strike fear or joy. For this campaign, I wanted to bring across the feeling of sound. What does sound mean to people as riders, performers, etc., and how do we convey this message? This was crucial to me when I created the Amplify Your Ride campaign.


However, it is about balance, as we still want to highlight why the sound coming from Cardo is so good. For that reason, I wanted to ensure that we still mention and include Sound by JBL and the Cardo Sound Labs, two important selling propositions.

The idea is to focus on musicians and riders and let them highlight what sound means to them, how it is essential to have good sound, and how Cardo helps with the motorcycle aspect.

It was quickly decided to name the campaign Amplify Your Ride, something that fit both in the motorcycle and music worlds.


From Tuesday the 17th to Tuesday the 31st of October 2023.


As we received feedback from the regions that they wanted to focus on sound, we set ourselves some clear targets:

  • Answer frequently asked questions about sound to end-users.
  • Create awareness of the different terms we use in combination with sound.
  • Create a buzz on social media and reach potential new customers.

I’m glad to say, all the objectives were successfully met!


I clearly envisioned how I wanted to Amplify Your Ride to look. Before consulting with the in-house studio team, I sketched several poster design versions. However, getting that idea across to the right visual proved more difficult than anticipated. Sometimes, it’s easier to come in with a clear canvas.

Thankfully, with the amazing work of the studio team, we managed to get to an incredible end result. We kept working, looking for examples, and talking as a team. The result was four different poster designs with imagery that could work for each region. We provided this to the market in both A4 and A5.

We also established the subtitle HEAR THE ADVENTURE, FEEL THE RIDE during the process.

Posters Amplify Your Ride
The poster design

With the poster design approved and ready, we moved on to all the other assets, which included social media banners, Google banners, and a cheat sheet. All the banners had the same look and feel as the posters above, only in the correct sizes for the different platforms.

cheat sheet
Cheat sheet

Seeing the posters used during the Birmingham Motorcycle Expo was amazing!


We created several videos for the campaign, which sold the feeling of sound. I’m proud of the end results and of the opportunity to work with two absolute legends in their own fields.


The first one is double World Superbike champion James Toseland. I grew up watching him race, and I was jumping in front of the TV when he took his second world title in 2007 for our local team and later my employer, Ten Kate Motoren.

When James retired from professional motorcycle racing in 2011 due to a wrist injury, he turned to his other passion in life, which was his music, and created his band ‘Toseland‘. He toured the UK and supported bands, including Status Quo, The Brew and performed alongside Aerosmith in Europe. He now presents the World Superbike coverage for Eurosport and is a regular on TV.


Chuck Garric is an American rock bassist known for his work with Alice CooperESP (Eric Singer Project)Ted NugentDon Felder, and Ronnie James Dio.

A few years back, I saw Alice Cooper perform in Tilburg, and Chuck’s basslines amazed me throughout the show. Working with a rock legend I listened to for so many years with the Eric Singer Project Live CD was an amazing experience.


We invited our end-user musicians to join our sound campaign, receiving an overwhelming amount of requests. From the submissions, we were carefully selecting two musicians, we asked them to create personalized videos featuring them discussing their passion for music, showcasing their performances, and even riding their bikes.

It was great to work with Vincenzo Sandonato and Ryan Axford and promote them on our global social pages. It also shows that we care about our community and are there not just to sell, but to share the experience. The videos turned out great, and I couldn’t be more proud of both riders and artists.


The videos got an overwhelming response rate and were highly successful. The videos were shared in Facebook groups Cardo would have never reached before, and seeing people share their love for riding and sound was everything I wanted to see.


I created and wrote all the texts used in our newsletter. It is a great way to interact with our end-users. In total, we sent out three newsletters, of which I’m very proud. The results were incredible, and it was a lot of fun to create these newsletters on a campaign I was working so hard on.



A landing page was created to explain more in-depth about Sound by JBL and Cardo Sound Labs and highlight our cheat sheet. It is a great way to show off the assets we created and explain more to the end-users.

Website Landing Page
The landing page

Obviously, we created several social media carousels that highlighted why Cardo is the best in sound. It generates some great interaction with our end-users and at the same time inform them on why we as a brand are the best.

Social Carousel
Both social media carousels in action


In conclusion, the Amplify Your Ride campaign has proven to be a resounding success, achieving its goals and resonating positively with our community. The core concept of exploring the emotional connection to sound, particularly in the context of motorcycles and music, was effectively communicated. The campaign struck a delicate balance by spotlighting the feel of sound while also emphasizing the integral role of Sound by JBL and the Cardo Sound Labs.

In summary, the Amplify Your Ride campaign not only achieved its set objectives but also surpassed expectations, fostering a deeper connection with our community. The successful collaboration with renowned figures, meticulous planning, and strategic execution demonstrates the campaign’s effectiveness in showcasing the synergy between sound, motorcycles, and the Cardo brand. The positive feedback received serves as a testament to the campaign’s impact, reinforcing Cardo’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences beyond mere product offerings. I couldn’t be more proud of what the team and I achieved.

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