Our company has an amazing community called the #CardoFam. In a special campaign, we highlighted some of the things that make our community so special. All of these highlights came from a survey I oversaw and managed to send it out to our audience. 


In March, we conducted a survey targeting our social media and newsletter subscribers to gather feedback. The survey not only provided insights into their opinions on the product and potential improvements but also shed light on their riding habits. 

With a significant response of 18,780 participants from 114 countries, a detailed analysis of the data revealed striking similarities within the global #CardoFam community.

With all this information I decided to create a campaign to highlight the interesting insights we discovered and to promote our wonderful end-users.


From the results, we had an incredible PR written, that was picked up by many international news outlets. However, to give a quick summary of some of the results:

  • 250 riders used their Cardo to propose to their partner.
  • 60% of respondents prefer full-face helmets, with flip-up and modular options as the next popular choices.
  • Adventure and touring models were owned by over 44% of riders, typically riding in groups of 3-15.
  • Riding for leisure, passion, and freedom are top reasons, with over half noting improved mental state.
  • 45% of riders on holiday cover more than 476 miles, prioritizing Cardo, snacks, and drinks.
  • Over 50% have used a communicator for three years or more, with Cardo being the first choice for over 70%.
  • Nearly half of users listen to music while riding, with 44% singing occasionally.
  • Top Cardo features appreciated globally: Sound by JBL, Waterproof, and Dynamic Mesh Connectivity.
  • ‘Family’ and ‘Spouse’ constitute over half of calls, while ‘Friends’ make up just under 30%.
  • Valentino Rossi is the favourite biking role model, followed by Marc Marquez and Steve McQueen.


We especially used the fact that 250 couples used their to propose to their partner. It is just such an amazing fact. The goal was to launch the campaign in the end of June. As I was in charge of this campaign, we thought it would be a nice to launch the campaign on the 21st of June, my own wedding day. This was more of a between our team members Easter egg. The fact that it is also fell on International Motorcycle Day made it all come together.

social media #CardoFam
Social media carousel for #CardoFam

Apart from the PR release, we also worked hard on several other campaign assets, including a fact sheet with some of the best facts out of the survey results. We also used that sheet as our base for the social media carousel and a newsletter highlighting the topic. 


We received a great response from our end-users on this small campaign, and it gave us some nice interaction on the different channels. I’m proud of how we pulled this off. It all started with a small idea, and then organizing, scheduling, and promoting the survey was time-consuming. But once the first responses came in from the #CardoFam, it already proved to be worth it.

CardoFam sheet
Cheat Sheet

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