June 21

The day you meet your life partner is always a special day. Aviya and I have been together four years now, and today, on June 21, we are having our wedding day.

THE DAY: JUNE 21, 2019

June 21 will always be special to me. It is the start of Summer, but also the day I met my now wife. I flew to London from the Netherlands to see Bon Jovi live in Wembley and Aviya had the same idea, but she flew from Israel. We got a long straight away, and after she hugged me during the concert, I really wanted to spend more time with her.

Luckily I had that time as we got on an adventure around London. Buying Bon Jovi merch, trying to find a bar and kiss the night away on a bench in the heart of London. We shared phone numbers and started texting straight away. That texting has never stopped, a few weeks after meeting her I flew to Israel to see Bon Jovi, but more importantly her again. During that week, we decided we wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend. A year later, I moved to Israel, and we have been sharing life ever since.


Now 4 years after meeting, we are getting married on the day we met. Life can be crazy, but more importantly special. I’m so glad I met Aviya and to call her my wife is insane. Here is to a lifetime together, filled with funny, amazing, sometimes sad, but more importantly ours.

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