Troy Bayliss Interview

Troy Bayliss is a true legend in the World Superbike scene. The 3 time world champion retired from the sport 2 years ago, but still has a big impact on the sport. I had the absolute honour to do a very small interview with the Australian rider.


How did you start your race career, and was it always your ambition to race?

I started when I was a child. It was my passion of course, and it was good to become a professional racer.

From all the classes you have raced in, what was your favorite?

I don’t know, obviously I love the World Superbikes.

What is your happiest race moment?

Every moment on a bike is a happy race moment to me.

Do you still watch the Superbike races, or have you closed the chapter?

I work as a tester for the new Ducati Extreme. I also have a racing school in Australia (Troy Bayliss Experience) and I keep looking at the motor races.

Your career was mainly with Ducati. Did you have at any point the feeling to move manufacture?


Nowadays, you do a lot of testing for Ducati. Do you miss racing?

Always miss racing, but I don’t come back. I retired as a racer.

Is there any special reason you ride with the number 21?

No, not in particular any reason behind the #21.

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