Assassins Creed Rebel Collection

With Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection, you don’t get one, but two games. Go back in time and experience piracy, a world of assassin’s and much more in these great games. I had an absolute blast playing these games and can’t recommend them enough.


This game is set in the golden age of piracy and puts you in the boots of Edward Kenway. A pirate captain that turned assassin in his quest for power and treasure.

The game’s open-world gameplay is highly enjoyable and gives you a lot of dimension to it. It allows you to explore the Caribbean seas and the cities of Havana, Kingston and Nassau. The naval combat you encounter along the way is excellent and fairly easy to master. By upgrading your ship, recruiting crew members and engaging in epic battles, you will master the seas.

I really enjoyed the storyline of this game and the mixture of historical and fictional characters that add depth to the plot. The graphics and the sound design are impressive and give the immersing feeling you want from a game. Even though with the Switch, you play on a smaller screen.

Black Flag


You get this game when purchasing the Black Flag game, and it doesn’t disappoint. Honestly, the look and feel is the exact same as Black Flag. The game has the same way of playing and interacting with your surroundings. The same goes for the naval combat.

The storyline is really cool and the main areas the game takes place in are different. I really enjoyed the game, but got a feeling Black Flag was slightly better.


Personally, I absolutely loved playing these games. Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Rogue are must-play games for fans of the franchise. But also for those who love playing open world games with engaging storyline, naval combat, and immersive gameplay.

I spend a total of around 80 hours in both games so far. I completed the storyline, but as I am a completist, I will keep playing to complete all the side tasks. When I finished the majority of Black Flag, I made the switch to Rogue. Which I’m not gonna lie was a bit too soon. When you play as Edward Kenway for a good 40 hours it feels very weird to play as, in this case, as Shay Cormac. So I put it aside for a bit, before starting it up and fell once again in love with the game.

To me, it was great to play this game. It had all the adventure, sailing and combat someone can ask for in an interesting story. The different areas you discover in both games are looking great too. The way the snow sounds and looks in Rogue, and how different the Caribbean look in Black Flag, are amazing.

One downside was that every once a while you are being pulled out of the game, to do some office job task, which not gonna lie was pretty boring. That said, that was to me the only complaint. The game worked perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. No bugs, lag or other inconveniences were noticed whilst playing.

I would highly recommend playing these two games! You will be entertained for a long time while being a badass pirate and assassin.


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